“Azerbaijan Industry Corporation” OJSC Outcomes of fourth year of the implementation of “Socio-economic development of regions in 2014-2018” State Program: upcoming tasks.

 On 07.02.2018  the consultation of “Azerbaijan Industry Corporation” OJSC on “Outcomes of fourth year of the implementation of “Socio-economic development of regions in 2014-2018” State Program: upcoming tasks” was held.

Kamran Nabizada, the General Director of “Azerbaijan Industry Corporation” OJSC stated that as the economic development increases in the country, social state of the population are improving as well. In order to meet the need of population for an apartment and ensure the requests of the people wanting to own an apartment in regard with the current situation, our company will restore the activity of housing construction cooperatives which are in its disposal. For this purpose, work are being done together with the relevant executive power authorities aimed at the application of issuance of “Real estate certificates” to apartments being constructed and planned to be constructed.

Mentioning that it is planned to re-establish and put into exploitation of Sumgait Aluminum Factory of “Azeraluminum” OJSC in order to product initial or final aluminum products by considering modern technological and environmental requirements, the General Director noted that it, its return, will significantly contribute to improvement of competitiveness and expansion of export opportunities of this field.

K.Nabizada stated that one of the most important fields in the country economy is cotton-growing, and competitive production opportunities that meet the needs of suppliers and consumers in local and foreign markets by the application of the latest technologies, ensuring the development of “CTS-AGRO” Limited Liability Company are being created in this regard. And this will serve to meet the needs for cotton with internal resources and eliminate the dependency from import.

Noting that the development of silkworm breeding is of great importance, the General Director underlined that work is being done over the project and will be implemented in near future for the development and re-establishment of “Sheki Ipek” OJSC situated in Sheki region. At the same time, in order to decrease the time and expenses spent for the development of glass factory in the balance of “Azer Glass” LLC, measures were taken related with the application of the latest technologies in the production, and the work is being done aimed at the establishment of glass receipt stations in Baku and regions in order to increase the production capacity of the factory, elimination of dependency of necessary raw materials from import. In addition, the current potential of “Inter Tobacco” LLC was analyzed and the work aimed at the improvement of production capacity of the company is being done. The work aimed at the purchase of drying cabinets is being done in order to fully meet the needs for drying of American-type “Virginia” tobacco grown in Sheki-Zagatala economic area over an open flame.

Kamran Nabizada underlined that one of the charter duties of “Azerbaijan Industry Corporation” Open Joint Stock Company is to take measures aimed at create new industry fields, as well as production fields using the energy efficiently, environmentally favorable and creating higher additional value. The mentioned measures, in their return, will create a need for workforce in companies in which the intended reforms are covered, and this will serve for the execution of the instructions of the country president related with the elimination of unemployment.

Sarkhan Babayev, general director of “Det-Al aluminum” LLC, Zakir Azimov, general director substitute of “GTS-Agro” LLC, Nizami Garibov, chairman of the management board of “Sheki-Ipek” OJSC, Fazil Rustemov, director of “Inter Tobacco” LLC, Shakir Musayev, chairman of the management board of “Inter Textile” OJSC and Ilal Ahmadov, chairman of the management board of “Inter Glass” OJSC made a speech in the event and made discussions in connection with the problems they faced, their solutions and upcoming tasks.