"AİC" OJSC has announced an international open tender

Tender participants are suggested to submit their tender proposals in writing duly signed, sealed and enclosed in double envelope.

Tender participants shall have necessary financial and technical capacity in order to perform the contract.
The entities wishing to participate in the Tender may obtain Main Tender Documents prepared in the Azerbaijani  and English languages from “ASK VILLA”, 33 Tbilisi Ave., Baku city after transferring the below mentioned participation fee per lot to the following bank account. Contact person: Sadig Shahkaramov, phone:
+994(12) 505 9511 (ext-422); +994(55)204 77 77 or sadig.shahkaramov@ask.gov.az

Participation fee: 750.00 Manat

Bank name: “International Bank of Azerbaijan” Central Branch

Swift Code: IBAZAZ2X

Bank address: 3 Z.Taghiyev Str., Baku

Correspondent account: AZ03NABZ01350100000000002944

Code: 805722

Bank TIN: 9900001881

Beneficiary: Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation OJSC

Beneficiary account: AZ31IBAZ38060019446065857204

TIN: 1305305281


Participation fee is in no case refundable.

Bidders shall submit the following documentation to participate in the Tender:


General Requirements:

·         Written application to participate in the tender;

·         Bank statement confirming the payment of the participation fee;

·         Tender proposal (must be valid for at least 30 (thirty) banking days following the tender proposals opening date and submitted one combined proposal containing individual proposals from each entity);

·         Bank guarantee in the amount of 1 (one) per cent of the total Tender price (must be valid at least 60 (sixty) banking days following the tender proposals opening date);

·         Bidder’s full name, legal status, charter (articles of incorporation), country of registration and bank details;

·         Statement from relevant authorities confirming that the bidder has no overdue liabilities with regard to the taxes and other mandatory payments in the Azerbaijan Republic or any events of failure to perform the taxpayer’s obligations specified by the Tax Code of the Azerbaijan Republic for the last one year (excluding the period of suspension of the activities) (shall cover the second half of 2019) (if operated in the Azerbaijan Republic);

·         Copy of the financial statement for last one year endorsed by tax authorities;

·         Bank statement on financial standing of the bidder for last one year;


          Requirements for the “Bidders’ experience:

·         List of entities with the assets value over 500 (five hundred) million US dollars for which an agricultural or industrial strategic plan has been developed;

·         The consulting company(ies) assigned for such project must have at least 10 years of international experience in development of agricultural and industrial strategic plans;

·         Information about “Bidder’s” last 10 (ten) years’ experience and ongoing works and contracts shall be submitted in accordance with the following table:

·   Information about efficiency and obtained results from previous strategic plans (evaluated based on the gained financial income, increase in productivity, customer feedback, etc.)

·   Information about the experience in working in various cultural environments;


   Requirements for specialists

·   For development of the strategic plan, Consulting company(ies) must present a document confirming at least 10 years of experience of a project manager and at least 7 years of relevant experience of specialists/experts (production and equipment engineers, agricultural specialists, marketing specialists, financial specialists, etc.);

·   Copies of the internationally recognized certificates (ACCA, CFA, PMP, CIPS, etc. or a certificate issued by any Global Consulting company) of the specialists/experts (including project managers and consultants) in relevant field;

·   Expert CVs submitted in accordance with the requirements of the European Union (Europass) containing the information about experience in the projects for development of strategic plans, research and analytical skills;

·   List of projects in which the specialists/experts were involved must be provided (including project title, country, duration, project description, etc.);


 Requirements for the Strategic Plan format:

1.    Description of how the project will be performed and implemented;

2.    Project methodology and approach;

3.    Proposed duration;

4.    Expected work plan and schedule.


Documents shall be made in the Azerbaijani language in 2 (two) counterparts (original and copy) (the tender proposals in any foreign language shall be translated into Azerbaijani). 
Tender procedure will be held in accordance with the Law “On State Procurements”.
In order to participate in the tender, bidders shall submit the above documentation (except tender proposal and bank guarantee) by 22 April, 2020, 05:00 PM local time and tender proposal and bank guarantee in sealed double envelope by 1 May, 2020, 05:00 PM local time to the following address: “ASK VILLA”, 33 Tbilisi Ave., Yasamal district, Baku city.
Any envelope received after the deadline for submission of Tenders shall be returned unopened.
Bidder’s proposals will be opened on 4 May, 2020, 03:00 PM local time, at the following address: “ASK VILLA”, 33 Tbilisi Ave., Yasamal district, Baku city.

Bidder’s authorized representatives may also participate at the proposals’ opening.